Outreach and Social Justice

Please join the Outreach Committee as we hold our second Black Lives Matter vigil on Saturday 10/17, on the church steps from 9:30 to 11 AM. Signs will be provided and material will be provided for you to make your own signs.

This is a continuing effort to stand with the black people of our communities in recognition of the fact that young black men are 21 times more likely to lose their lives at the hands of the police than young white men, according to recent FBI data.
UFPC Shows Support for Black Lives Matter

August 9, 2015 was the one-year anniversary of Mike Brown's death in Ferguson, MO. On behalf of the Outreach Committee, John Reed and Ann Marie Willer co-facilitated the Chalice Circle on that date and led a discussion about White privilege (which we now know to call light-skinned privilege). 21 people attended the Chalice Circle. 

The Chalice Circle was followed by a 45-minute silent vigil in front of the church. Several passersby noticed our "Black Lives Matter" signs and talked to us. Photos from the vigil were posted on the UFPC Facebook page and Twitter feed, as well as on the individual Facebook pages of several members and were seen as far away as Seattle. John Reed submitted a photo to the Quincy Sun

A sincere thank you to those who participated in the Chalice Circle discussion and those who stayed for the vigil. Ten people with signs on the front steps of our church made an important statement about racial justice that morning. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world." (Margaret Mead)

Cape Wind Rally 2015
Reflections on Advocacy and Activitism

At the Outreach Committee meeting on Sept. 27, we took time to reflect on our first exposure to or awareness of social justice issues, advocacy work, or activism. 

I'd like to invite everyone reading this to pause for a moment and think back. Was there a person or event that first raised your awareness?

I'll go first...my second grade teacher got my class involved in raising money for the protection of baby harp seals that were being hunted in the Arctic. We canvassed the lunchroom asking for donations. It was my first awareness that I could do something to help a problem that was geographically far away from me, and also my first awareness that other people would help if asked.

What's your story?