United First Parish Church (Unitarian)

A member of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations
1306 Hancock Street, Quincy, Massachusetts

OWL - Our Whole Lives

OWL is a curriculum written in collaboration by 

the UUA and the United Church of Christ (UUC) which is based on the guidelines f

or Comprehensive Sexuality Education. 

OWL covers subject areas such as: 

human development, relationships, 

health, religious values, along with 

personal skills, sexual behavior and 

society and cultural values which are specifically designed for Middle School age youth ages 12-15. 

This year our middle school youth group will be joining the OWL program at Arlington Street Church, Boston, for the year long program.

If you are new to UFPC this year and would like to participate in OWL, please see Alison Jablonsky (DRE) as soon as possible. Enrollment ends by October 1st, and no new youth are able to participate after September.  With that said, if you are new, we have many interesting groups and will find a place for your teen to learn and grow in our faith tradition.  

Teachers: Teachers are members of Arlington Street Church, CORI checked, and are trained by the UUA – OWL Trainers.