Religious Education at UFPC is how we show love for children and invest in their faith formation.

We offer diverse programming extended to members and visitors that includes:

  • Child Care: Children, ages 3 and under, are welcome to join as worship starts and stay until the end.
  • Pre-K - 1st Grade: Children this year are going through the World of Wonder curriculum.
  • Early Elementary, 2nd-5th Grade: Children are exploring the Toolbox of Faith curriculum this year.
  • One Room Schoolhouses: Each month, our children from Pre-K to 5th  grade come together for a One Room Schoolhouse where they learn about a  special topic. This opportunity allows our kids to connect across ages  and gives our volunteer teachers a break!
  • Middle and High School Youth, 6th-12th Grade: Our Youth Group meets  every other Sunday in the evenings under the leadership of Beth Cook.  This year our Youth Group is exploring the theme of Ending Homelessness.
  • Our Whole Lives (OWL): We expect to offer a year of OWL in Fall 2019- Spring 2020.
  • Coming of Age: A year long program that calls youth to share and  define their UU identity. We expect to run this program from Fall  2018-Spring 2019.
  • Multi-generational Worship: About six times a year, our children join the adults for worship across generations.


Registration and requirements

We ensure our children learn in a safe environment:

All children who regularly attend RE are required to register. Registration forms can be found on the RE table.

RE volunteers have been regular members or friends of UFPC for at least 6 months.Following UUA guidelines, all RE volunteers are required to fill out a CORI form.

Children create their own classroom covenants. In addition to  following these guidelines, we ask that children refrain from yelling  and running in the sanctuary, hallways, and parish hall to ensure a safe  space for our congregation of wide-ranging ages.

Registration helps us know the individual needs of our children, allows  us to reach parents if we need them, and helps us learn how our parents can  be involved in our program. 

All children and youth in our RE program must  be registered. 

Please contact the Director of Religious Education at with any questions. Registration forms are available outside of the RE office.