Sabbatical Committee

Sabbatical Committee

Sabbatical Committee

The Sabbatical Committee has worked since September 2019 to insure that Sunday services continue to be of the highest quality with stimulating pulpit guests, that excellent pastoral care continues to be provided, that services celebrating rites of passage are available and that the administrative operations continue to run smoothly.

Kate Hurley (chair) 617.827.3756

Peter Kovach 339.203.0664

David Downs 617.312.1139

Jamie Grassmann

Joan McDonald 774.994.2310

Pastoral Care

Sabbatical Committee

Sabbatical Committee

Pastoral Care will be provided by our Caring Team, under the leadership of Brenda Reed, and our Sabbatical Minister, Rev. Beau Rivers, with logistical support from our Office Manager, David Bousquin. Rev. Beau is available for short-term pastoral care and counseling following a death, hospitalization, life transition, family emergency, etc. The congregation can provide support in the form of meals, sending cards, and friendly visits, etc.

For pastoral care you can contact:

Brenda Reed 617-699-7773 (cell)

David Bousquin 617-773-1290 (office) 617-842-1706 (cell) 

Rev. Beau Rivers 207-712-0459 (cell)


Sabbatical Committee

2019-2020 Management Team

David Bousquin Office & Property Manager; 617-773-1290

Joan McDonald Director of Religious Education:; 774-994-2310

Rev. Beau Rivers, Sabbatical Minister:

Norman Corey, Music Director:

Our congregation staff and elected leaders will continue to oversee the programs and manage the business of the church during the sabbatical. If you are unclear who to contact, please contact David Bousquin and he will direct you to the right point person.

2019-2020 Management Team

United First Parish Church

2019-2020 Management Team

President: Lisa Howe

Vice President: Bill Westland

Clerk: Liz Regan

Treasurer: Erwin Schaareman

Stewardship: Jim Petosa

Committee Chairs

United First Parish Church

United First Parish Church

Communications: Wiley Cox Congregational Life: Brenda Reed

Social Justice Action: open

Religious Education: Marie-Louise Jackson Miller

Worship Chair: Jamie Grassmann

Committee on Ministry: Peter Kovach

United First Parish Church

United First Parish Church

United First Parish Church


1306 Hancock Street Quincy, MA 02169


A Guide to Rev. Rebecca Froom’s Sabbatical

WHAT ARE REV. REBECCA’S PLANS? March 1 to August 23, 2020

WHAT ARE REV. REBECCA’S PLANS? March 1 to August 23, 2020


WHAT ARE REV. REBECCA’S PLANS? March 1 to August 23, 2020

WHAT ARE REV. REBECCA’S PLANS? March 1 to August 23, 2020

WHAT ARE REV. REBECCA’S PLANS? March 1 to August 23, 2020

Sabbatical is a break the minister takes to engage in rest and reflection and focus on practice and purpose in ministry.

Rev. Rebecca has three interrelated sabbatical goals: 1) rest and renewal, 2) growing stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually, 3) deepening connections with nature. The keystone of Rev. Rebecca’s sabbatical will be spending the months of May and June hiking the southern third of the Appalachian Trail. The preparation for this experience, the hike itself, and integrating this experience will provide great opportunity for Rev. Rebecca to pursue these goals.

Rev. Rebecca’s sabbatical is a time for her to take a complete break from her congregational responsibilities. As such Rev. Rebecca will not be available by email or phone or for pastoral care. Any brief interactions with Rev. Rebecca in a grocery store, at an area social justice event, or on Facebook, will be casual and should refrain from discussion of church business. This brochure outlines the appropriate lay leader or staff member to contact for all church matters in Rev. Rebecca’s absence.



The Rev. Beau Rivers will serve as our part-time Sabbatical Minister from March 1 to August 23, 2020. Rev.

Beau is a graduate of Andover Newton Theological School and the University of Southern Maine. Raised Roman Catholic, she has been a Unitarian Universalist for 25 years. As a minister Rev. Beau has served several congregations throughout New England in part-time positions. Earlier in her career she worked in retail management and as a social worker. Rev. Beau’s spiritual life is grounded in nature and her twice-daily Transcendental Meditation practice.

As our part-time Sabbatical Minister, Rev. Beau’s portfolio will include leading worship twice a month, providing pastoral care as needed, and supporting our Board of Governors and staff in their work. She will hold weekly office hours at UFPC on Tuesdays from 2:00 - 7:00. During the sabbatical Rev. Beau can be contacted by email at
Her phone number will be available in the church directory and upon request through the church office.

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March 1
First Sunday of Sabbatical
Rev. Beau Rivers

March 8
Daylight Savings (Spring forward) - Joe Jenks

March 15
Honoring the Wisdom of All Religions
Lay Led

March 22
“This I Believe”
Lay Led

March 29
Stewardship Sunday
Rev. Beau Rivers

April 5
Rev. Sheldon Bennett

April 12
Rev. Beau Rivers

April 19
New Member Ceremony
Rev. Beau Rivers

April 26
Religious Education Service
DRE, Joan McDonald

May 3
Music Service
Lay Led

May 10
Mother’s Day
Rev. Beau Rivers

May 17
Greg Greenway & Reggie Harris

May 24
Pets & Animals
Lay Led

May 31
Rev. Beau Rivers

June 7
Rev. Michelle Walsh

June 14
Bridging Ceremony
DRE, Joan McDonald

June 21
Father’s Day Flower Communion
Rev. Beau Rivers and DRE, Joan McDonald

June 28
General Assembly Sunday