Welcome to United First Parish Church

Welcome to United First Parish Church

Welcome to United First Parish ChurchWelcome to United First Parish ChurchWelcome to United First Parish Church

Church of the Presidents

A member of the Unitarian Universalist
Association of Congregations

Weekly Services


Online Worship Service - Sunday Morning

10:30am - 11:30am

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Online Worship Service - Sunday Morning

Our service this weekend will focus on the Stewardship of our Beloved Community

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10:30am - 11:30am

UFPC Statement on COVID-19 and our Community

The  Board of Governors, Rev. Beau Rivers, Joan McDonald and David Bousquin have been closely monitoring the CDC/WHO/UUA guidelines for group gatherings.  After careful deliberation, we have decided to suspend in-person worship services until further notice.  We will be holding online worship services.

Events with large numbers of people such as the History and Visitor Program Tour for the congregation (March 22) and the Festive Brunch (March 28) are also postponed.  

Small gatherings (fewer than 25 people) such as Soul Matters, Book Group and Committees can decide among the participants whether to meet virtually, or in person.  The UUA is also encouraging congregations and groups in areas with COVID-19  outbreaks to suspend in-person gatherings of more than twenty-five people.

As we begin to implement this strategy to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the Commonwealth and at UFPC we want to reframe this as an Act of Love based on scientific observation, not as an act of fear.  Historically, we have seen human beings self-organize to provide disaster relief more quickly than government agencies in response to  floods, hurricanes and earthquakes. In response to this virus, we are self-organizing to care for each other and develop create ways to remain  connected without putting our community at risk.

We are working quickly to implement creative ways that we can care for one  another during this time via email, phone conversations, Skype, Zoom, Facetime, Google Duo, Slack, family-time at home, dancing to our favorite song  or anything else that may inspire us to share our love for one another.

COVID-19 Safety Information

We  are sure you have all been keeping up with the latest information from  the CDC about how to keep yourself safe, but there are links to some of  the general information and best practices below:


Our  primary goal is to nurture our community through this uncharted  territory.  We will continue to be in touch with information regarding how we will continue in fellowship during these difficult times, and how we can all work together to stay connected.  Please reach out to us if you have ideas, questions or concerns. 

In Community and Love,

The Rev. Beau Rivers, UFPC Sabbatical

Joan McDonald, Director of Religious 

Lisa Howe, UFPC 

UFPC Board of Governors:

Bill Westland – Vice President

Erwin Schaaremen – Treasurer

Liz Regan – Clerk

Jim Petosa – Stewardship Chair

Brenda Reed – Pastoral Care

Jamie Grassman – Worship Committee

Marie-Louise Jackson-Miller – RE

Wiley Cox - Communications

Contact Us

United First Parish Church

1306 Hancock Street, Quincy, Massachusetts 02169, United States


Church Office Hours

Services are every Sunday at 10:30am

Drop us a line!


Daily Tours: 2020 Season -
The History and Visitors Program tours will be open from Friday, May 1st through Wednesday November 11th. 
Please see our Visitors Program page for more info.
Tour Times
Monday - Saturday:  11am - 4pm
Sundays: 12pm - 4pm

We are wheelchair accessible!  We have an access ramp and automatic door opening system that allows  folks to enter our building safely.  We have an elevator available for  visitors to allow our differently-abled visitors to reach all levels of  the building, including our crypts.  We also have a wheelchair available  for use on-site if you find yourselves needing one after you arrive.

We  also have an ADA-accessible restroom available to all visitors for our  visitors program or those who come to our services on Sunday.