Weddings at UFPC

You can get married in the Church of The Presidents!

United  First Parish Church welcomes weddings of all kinds.  We are a  non-judgmental and accepting church, with beautiful 19th century Greek  Revival architecture, featuring our stunning and unique domed ceiling.   We are known as the "Church of the Presidents" because we are the only  church in existence where two American Presidents, John Adams and John  Quincy Adams, are interred in their final resting place in the crypt  beneath the church.  The History of UFPC makes us a unique location to  hold your wedding celebration, and we have been a requested wedding  location for many years.

Why choose UFPC for your wedding?

  • Unrivaled Greek Revival architecture in our sanctuary 
  • Ease of access for guests via public transportation and local highways. 
  • Availability-  We are available almost any day of the week to fit your schedule. 
  • Flexibility - We are willing to help you hold the ceremony that will make your marriage special to you. 
  • Affordability - We will fit into almost any budget 
  • Historical  Significance - You can get married in the church that had two of our  earliest American Presidents as active members, and sit in the pew where  they sat.

Learn More

If  you are interested in finding out more about holding your wedding in  our church, we would love to have the opportunity to speak with you! 

1306 Hancock Street

Quincy, MA, 02169

Phone (617) 773-1290

Fax (617) 773-7499

Wedding arrangements


Contact the Office manager to check if church is available for a specific wedding date and time and to schedule an appointment to meet with Reverend Froom. Please note that your wedding date/time will only be confirmed after you meet with Rev. Froom.

The church organist is available for weddings if you plan to have organ music.  Any other musical arrangements will be made in consultation with our music director and Rev. Froom. 

Obtain a marriage license from the Town Clerk’s office (of any city or town in Massachusetts) 

not more than 60 days before your wedding, but at least 5 business days in advance. You should contact the Town Clerk’s office for specific requirements. 

Arrange for flowers and runner as you wish. Your florist will contact the church office to discuss the specifics of attachments & arrangements of bows, flowers, runners, etc.   

All decorations must be approved by the Minister.

You may provide any special wedding candle(s) you may wish. The church will provide candles for the altar table. 


FEES: $100 Deposit Payable upon reservation, Balance Due at the rehearsal.

  • Church usage $500.00 
  • Minister’s fee wedding ceremony - includes conferences, rehearsal, and wedding ceremony $450.00 
  • Organist - Wedding ceremony only $200.00 (Rehearsal Add $ 50.00) 
  • Sexton’s Fee $100.00